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Assorted Joy Boys audio clips (MP3 format)

Here you will find an assortment of Joy Boys comedy clips, taken from the archives.

Don't forget, you can also find our complete archives, for free, on YouTube now. See the Audio page for all the details.

From our first Remember the Joy Boys CD:
Joy Boys meet for the first time at WAMU MP3, 487 KWAMU CD #1
Carleton Smith and the Two At One show MP3, 196 KWAMU CD #1
Management Meeting on Daylight Sayings Time MP3, 570 KCD #JB266
Willard explains Daylight Savings Time MP3, 129 KCD #JB254
Rosa Rio accompanies As The Worm Turns MP3, 925 KRosa Rio story
WWDC talk and ads MP3, 437 KCD #JB143
Joy Boys buy a Christmas tree from David Brinkley MP3, 344 KCD #JB144
George Brewington's coffee MP3, 440 KCD #JB104
Welcome Wagon / shooting out WPOT lights MP3, 516 KGeorge Brewington
Pops, the Night Watchman / the new WEAM MP3, 238 KCD #JB127
George Brewington shoots again MP3, 346 KGeorge Brewington
Mad Magazine MP3, 121 KCD #JB127
Not Allbright sports MP3, 329 KCD #JB140
Beer campaign; Chuck Hole, traffic reporter MP3, 417 KCD #JB140
As The Worm Turns (Johnny Holliday, Captain Don) MP3, 845 KCD #JB141
Three-man band does the theme (in stereo!) MP3, 394 KCD #JB141
PSA and Happy Day jingle MP3, 240 KHappy Day story
Have A Happy Day song MP3, 573 KCD #JB109
Frank Forrester on last WRC show MP3, 359 KFrank Forrester story
Trotters spot / Frank Forrester MP3, 660 KCD #JB130
Frank Forrester has a commercial MP3, 70 KCD #JB130
Frank Forrester flips out MP3, 265 KCD #JB111
Joy Boys theme, 4-parts + tuba MP3, 68 KCD #JB308
WWVO and WWPU MP3, 236 KThe WWPU story
WWPU and Lee Moore MP3, 197 KThe WWPU story
The Cat Came Back (Lee Moore) MP3, 166 KThe WWPU story
WWPU (Fat Lip Boxing Course) MP3, 430 KCD #JB301
WWPU (Federal'ade) MP3, 332 KCD #JB303
Joy Boys on the AFRTS MP3, 301 KWAMU CD #1
Intro to first AFRTS show MP3, 692 KCD #JB138
P.D. Bill Grayson's wife wants to sing MP3, 481 KCD #JB138
P.D.'s wife sings MP3, 348 KCD #JB138
Waitress meets the Joy Boys MP3, 378 KCD #JB139
Ed Walker's birthday surprise MP3, 182 KCD #JB129
Answer Man (daylight savings time) MP3, 361 KCD #JB128
Stella Bear (daylight savings time) MP3, 436 KCD #JB129
Captain Daybreak:
Captain Daybreak: stuck in the snow MP3, 434 KCD #JB263
Captain Daybreak: box that wouldn't open MP3, 438 KCD #JB244
Captain Daybreak: plane has no pilot MP3, 362 KCD #JB128
Captain Daybreak: secret decoder message MP3, 158 KCD #JB128
Thanking the engineers MP3, 68 KArt Semmig
Art and his snoring MP3, 138 KWAMU CD #1
Art Semmig fan club MP3, 90 KCD #JB305
Other Walker/Scott shows on WRC MP3, 147 KWAMU CD #1
Various Christmas bits:
Crabs for Christmas (refrain) MP3, 38 KCD #JB115
The Joys of Wrapping MP3, 529 KCD #JB264
From the Doll House (WRC lobby), December 1966:
Merry Christmas in Chinese MP3, 315 KCD #JB304
Interviews from the Doll House MP3, 344 KCD #JB304
Willard interviews more little guests MP3, 419 KCD #JB304
Doll House audience does spots MP3, 293 KCD #JB305
Willard talks about Santa MP3, 196 KCD #JB305
Doll House quiz MP3, 325 KCD #JB305
A young guest intros the news MP3, 46 KCD #JB305
Mac McGarry on the last WRC show MP3, 224 KCD #JB108
Aldo and the Boys prepare for Thanksgiving MP3, 284 KCD #JB113
Art and Aldo MP3, 162 KCD #JB118
Canadian Mounties are lost MP3, 192 KCD #JB136
Studio turnstiles MP3, 244 KCD #JB137
Louie auditions new records / theme MP3, 271 KCD #JB249
Willard narrates for NASA MP3, 551 KCD #JB135
FHA public service announcement MP3, 65 KCD #JB134
ACB Award introductions MP3, 359 KCD #JB134
Willard takes the stage; Joy Boys sing MP3, 161 KCD #JB134
Willard presents the award MP3, 270 KCD #JB134
Patterson-Johanson fight highlights MP3, 135 KCD #JB131
Rosecroft Raceway spot MP3, 118 KCD #JB130
Robin Hood and his "merry" band MP3, 338 KCD #JB130
Charter House spot MP3, 433 KCD #JB132
The original Loan Arranger MP3, 414 KCD #JB131
Fishing tips MP3, 237 KCD #JB234
New hunting/fishing book MP3, 442 KCD #JB210
Kennedy Lump-lump hunting/fishing report MP3, 415 KCD #JB261
Sammy Skin plays "Stardust" MP3, 280 K 
Memos from Management MP3, 317 KCD #JB126
Joy Boys theme ("get Ray Michael!") MP3, 131 KCD #JB126
Gardening with Gordon Greenthumb MP3, 306 KCD #JB229
Birthday dedication from 1970 MP3, 177 KAbout the site
Pee Wee Mozzarella and the Flukes of Dixieland MP3, 161 KCD #JB303
The Turkey Story MP3, 126 KCD #JB125
Bloopers w/ Baltimore Benny MP3, 191 KCD #JB125
AM Washington (Ed with Arthur Godfrey) MP3, 549 KCD #JB125
David Brinkley, Bryson Rash as Buster Brown MP3, 453 KCD #JB123
Bryson's early TV work MP3, 257 KCD #JB123
Bryson responds to critics MP3, 114 KCD #JB123
Italian Street Song / Bowie Racing spot MP3, 182 KCD #JB208
Senator Flaptrap / Theme MP3, 318 KCD #JB208
Challenge of the Yukon MP3, 542 KCD #JB208
Dave Von Soten interview (outtake) MP3, 29 KCD #JB117
Daisy McHenry visits the last show MP3, 188 KCD #JB108
The Foot Foot Song (Ray Bolger) MP3, 91 KShow History
Hot snow tires / Theme MP3, 213 KCD #JB264
Sodbuster (Christmas presents and Gene Autry) MP3, 384 KCD #JB264
Soundproof presents / Theme / Jonathon Apple MP3, 521 KCD #JB264
Ed brings Christmas fruitcake MP3, 312 KCD #JB265
Fruitcake / Playboy carts MP3, 283 KCD #JB265
Betty Crockett (eggnog) MP3, 123 KCD #JB265
Last show opening (1972) MP3, 158 KCD #JB106
Betty Crockett (leftover turkey recipe) MP3, 477 KCD #JB260
Smithsonian (hoisting dinosaur bones) MP3, 333 KCD #JB260
Smithsonian (dinosaur is complete) MP3, 301 KCD #JB260
Intro, Joy Boys and Holliday on WMAL MP3, 123 KCD #JB121
WMAL, Bull Dozer and other spots MP3, 230 KCD #JB121
Tips for Halloween MP3, 128 KCD #JB254
Round Table of Knowledge ("pumpkin") MP3, 403 KCD #JB254
part of the Fred Fiske interview MP3, 226 KCD #JB119
Masterpuss Theatre MP3, 333 KCD #JB120
Old Stein spot MP3, 283 KCD #JB307
Dyer Brothers spot MP3, 330 KCD #JB307
Citizen's Bank spot MP3, 347 KCD #JB307
Johnny Holliday invites Joy Boys to WWDC MP3, 544 KJohnny Holliday
the Worm will return on WWDC MP3, 126 KCD #JB108
First WWDC show MP3, 525 KJohnny Holliday
Wedding objections / Theme MP3, 391 KCD #JB118
Good Manners Can Be Fun MP3, 393 KCD #JB118
As The Worm Turns (peanut festival) MP3, 506 KCD #JB117
Raymond LaRoache MP3, 227 KCD #JB117
Mark Gallant, speech coach MP3, 165 KCD #JB117
Baltimore Benny sings "Hello, Hello, Hello" (partial) MP3, 151 KCD #JB117
Bits from Remember The Joy Boys, Volume Two:
Intro to the CD MP3, 187 KWAMU CD #2
As The Worm Turns intro MP3, 236 KWAMU CD #2
Rambler spot MP3, 138 KWAMU CD #2
Leprechaun interferes / Theme MP3, 419 KCD #JB220
Bit O' Blarney Club MP3, 456 KCD #JB220
Safeway spot w/leprechaun MP3, 266 KCD #JB220
Brother watches Charles' courtship / Theme MP3, 134 KCD #JB261
Eddie Leonard jingle MP3, 316 KCD #JB115
Roast chestnuts (with Charles) MP3, 212 KCD #JB214
The hair growing expert MP3, 549 KCD #JB215
WRC newsreel of the air MP3, 483 KCD #JB216
Interviews in the halls MP3, 214 KCD #JB217
Ronald McDonald TV spot #1 MP3, 177 KRonald story
Ronald McDonald TV spot #2 MP3, 179 KRonald story
Ronald McDonald TV spot #3 MP3, 183 KRonald story
McDonald's radio spot MP3, 275 KCD #JB206
Ed explains "the door" MP3, 154 KCD #JB115
The Loan Arranger's Thanksgiving MP3, 570 KCD #JB259
Thanksgiving Party at Willard's MP3, 340 KCD #JB259
Football preview MP3, 284 KCD #JB251
Election preview MP3, 381 KCD #JB255
VW spot with "Charles" MP3, 288 KCD #JB258
Intro to the Casey Jones special MP3, 321 KCD #JB115
Pick Temple sings about Casey Jones MP3, 409 KCD #JB115
Gordon Sinclair's editorial MP3, 691 KCD #JB115
Sammy Skin (patriotic medley) MP3, 390 KCD #JB256
Kennedy Lump-lump hunting/fishing report MP3, 415 KCD #JB261
Stella Bear (mama's sewing buttons) MP3, 494 KCD #JB257
Election 1960: the NBC Poll Room MP3, 178 KCD #JB257
Sodbuster (voting booth) MP3, 279 KCD #JB256
WWDC, first Joy Boys show MP3, 118 KCD #JB114
Arthur Codfish (self-rising pie filling) MP3, 375 KCD #JB253
Safeway spot (very southern chickens) MP3, 219 KCD #JB253
Great Moments in History (paper clip) MP3, 410 KCD #JB252
Carroll James and Bob Raleigh MP3, 239 KHistory
Robin Hood (first episode) MP3, 559 KCD #JB250
"Charles" recites a ballad MP3, 428 KCD #JB301
the tossed salad that didn't MP3, 130 KCD #JB113
This Is Our Lives MP3, 260 KCD #JB113
Navy band hassles Willard MP3, 83 KCD #JB113
first Two At One show MP3, 249 KCD #JB113
how Two At One got its name MP3, 196 KTwo At One
Poetry of Randolph W. Goon MP3, 541 KCD #JB246
One A Day Radio (with Robin Hood) MP3, 717 KCD #JB112
Burl Ives sings the Joy Boys theme MP3, 60 KTheme
Aunt Harriet's Storytime (three little pigs) MP3, 359 KCD #JB222
Metropolitan opera / Theme MP3, 249 KCD #JB237
Mitch Miller (really!) guest stars MP3, 589 KCD #JB236
Red Cross PSA MP3, 143 KCD #JB112
Charlie Nemo (Club Sandwich) MP3, 362 KCD #JB233
Lone Arranger (reminiscing in the park) MP3, 465 KCD #JB228
Sodbuster (square dance) MP3, 568 KCD #JB227
The Unmentionables (girdle king) MP3, 299 KCD #JB226
Miles Glass Co. spot / Miss Janitor MP3, 528 KCD #JB223
Miss Janitor MP3, 435 KCD #JB213
French singer MP3, 476 KCD #JB231
Beatnik astronauts / Theme MP3, 390 KCD #JB232
Hecht Co. spot MP3, 348 KCD #JB234
Canada Dry spot MP3, 133 KCD #JB233
Thrown off the air / Theme MP3, 657 KCD #JB235
Yellow Ghost (Easter egg hunt) MP3, 656 KCD #JB224
Round Table of Knowledge ("rabbit") MP3, 430 KCD #JB225
Mr. Fixit (Easter egg coloring) MP3, 619 KCD #JB225
Talk about history of Joy Boys theme MP3, 163 KWAMU CD #1
End theme MP3, 54 KTheme
Billboard March (instrumental) MIDI, 39 KTheme
Gymnasium / Theme MP3, 222 KCD #JB221
King Syrup spot MP3, 206 KCD #JB218
Psychiatrist / Theme MP3, 143 KCD #JB219
Dodge Dart spot with E&W rapping MP3, 152 KCD #JB219
Market Inn spot (w/Johnny Holliday) MP3, 117 KCD #JB110
Pollen count (w/Johnny Holliday) MP3, 60 KCD #JB110
Mr. Fixit (snow removal kit) MP3, 513 KCD #JB211
McGarry promo (E&W cut in) MP3, 104 KCD #JB211
Junior swallows his horn / Theme MP3, 94 KCD #JB209
Huntley and Brinkley say goodnight WAV, 395 KCD #JB207
Cementing the Potomac River MP3, 232 KCD #JB204
You and your grouch MP3, 377 KCD #JB203
Theme, lots of characters MP3, 376 KCD #JB202
Super-duper-man MP3, 458 KCD #JB111
Will Heagy's famous coffee MP3, 48 KWill Heagy
Will's PTUI! drop-in WAV, 13 KWill Heagy
Dick Herriman Ford spot MP3, 108 KCD #JB106
Dear Lucille, the Answer Lady MP3, 335 KCD #JB106
Brush after meals / Theme MP3, 491 KCD #JB103
Show ending, WAV format WAV, 721 KCD #JB103
Show ending, MP3 format MP3, 262 KCD #JB103
Derringer, the Mental Pistol MP3, 625 KCD #JB102
AFRTS show opening, WAV format WAV, 517 KCD #JB102
AFRTS show opening, MP3 format MP3, 188 KCD #JB102
Short version of Joy Boys theme MP3, 61 KTheme
Short version again, WAV format WAV, 167 KTheme

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