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Contents of disc #JB135:

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This disc contains the first of several contributions from
Dave Howell. They come from AFRS recordings.

1. One A Day Radio / Unmentionables (Caesar Salad and the menu)
2. Extended theme (AFRS)
3. One A Day Radio / WWVO (Aunt Lilly's Pads)
4. One A Day Radio / Round Table of Knowledge ("skip")
5. One A Day Radio / Dr. Kill Casey, M.D.
6. One A Day Radio / Sammy Skin ("Harvest Moon") / Miss Janitor

Tracks 7-15 are from one AFRS show.
The original WRC version of this show is on CD #JB211.

7. Blizzard Cigarettes
8. Theme / Engineers introduced
9. Music
10. Sammy Skin (western medley, horse in studio)
11. Music
12. The Unmentionables (the mis-fit)
13. Music
14. Arthur Codfish (catching colds)
15. Music

The following four tracks feature Willard Scott
narrating "The Space Story," a weekly feature for NASA.

16. Apollo 11 and the Saturn 5 rocket
17. The reusable space shuttle MP3 file, 551K
18. Space workhorse
19. Pioneer 10 progress report

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