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Contents of disc #JB117:

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This CD is quite a mixture. The first seven tracks come
from a tape used by the Joy Boys to promote their show
in syndication. The year was 1973.

1. As The Worm Turns (peanut festival) MP3 file, 506K
2. Pee Wee Mozzarella (Canadian Caper)
3. Dear Lucille (uncle falls out of tree)
4. Raymond LaRoache MP3 file, 227K
5. Randolph W. Goon ("Rain")
6. WWVO (flea circus)
7. Charles ("If I Love You")

Five tracks from Ed's days on WMAL. Tracks 9, 10, and 11
feature Tom Gauger.

8. Janet Wessels sings
9. Mark Gallant, speech coach MP3 file, 165K
10. Baltimore Benny and the Dundalk Dubonaires sing "Hello, Hello, Hello" MP3 file, 151K
11. Italian Chef
12. Burt Cohen's 12 Days Of Christmas

These two tracks were recorded in 1968, for WRC.

13. WRC 45th Anniversary Special
14. David Von Soten interviews Ed and Willard MP3 file, 29K

And finally, two tracks restored from a very old tape.

15. WWVO (Stanley's Sheep Skin Corporation)
16. Ed Walker and Old Granddad's Record Shop (intro and closing)

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