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Contents of disc #JB134:

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This CD contains various bits and pieces, contributed by
Dave Howell, Bob Knowles, and Jack Maier.

1. FHA public service announcement #1 (probably around 1964)
2. FHA PSA #2
3. FHA PSA #3
4. FHA PSA #4
5. FHA PSA #5 MP3 file, 65K

The following bits are from around 1960.

6. New suits from Burt Guggenheim's Clothiers
7. Show open, talking to Mr. Guggenheim
8. Kennedy Lump-Lump's Hunting and Fishing Report, hunting the fish
9. Memos from Management (Christmas tree lights stolen)
10. PSA - Alexandria Arlington Alley Cats Association
11. PSA - Teen Timers Tacoma Park Taffy Twist / Music / Theme
12. Morgan Beatty newscast (probably February 1960)

13. Schwartz and Sons Jewelers spot (Ed Walker)

14. Willard does everything but weather (August 1 1978)

Ed Walker received an award from the American Council for the Blind,
July 11 2003. Willard presented the award to his good friend.

15. Introduction
16. Willard takes the stage MP3 file, 359K
17. Singing the theme; humility MP3 file, 161K
18. The award MP3 file, 270K
19. Testimonial; more about the Joy Boys days

Raymond Massey and Richard Chamberlain And finally, we have the Joy Boys interviewing veteran actor Raymond Massey, probably from November 1963. Massey is well known from his work on the TV show, "Dr. Kildare."

20. Surgeon carves the turkey
21. Introductions
22. The old radio days
23. Making hit records
24. Coming to the U.S.A.
25. Portraying Abraham Lincoln
26. Future ambitions
27. Doing comedy
28. Raymond Massey reads "America The Beautiful"

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