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Contents of disc #JB301:

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Bits from WWDC, 1972 and 1973:
1. Pee Wee Mozzarella and the Flukes of Dixieland: "When My Baby Smiles At Me"
2. Randolph W. Goon
3. Pee Wee Mozz: "Wabash Blues"
4. Raymond La Roache: "It Must Be True"
5. Dear Lucille, the Answer Lady (daughter is a hippie)
6. Pee Wee Mozz: "Bourbon Street Parade"
7. The Sodbuster (Dirty Pete's Disney Revue)
8. Arthur Codfish (there's nobody in New York)
9. WWPU (Fat Lip Boxing Course) MP3 file, 430K
10. Charles recites a ballad (with a cat in the studio) MP3 file, 428K
11. Raymond La Roache: "Music Maestro"
12. WWPU (Windbag Baloon Company)
13. Pee Wee Mozz: "Bye Bye Blackbird"
14. Raymond La Roache: "Paper Doll"

Tracks 15 - 19 are a complete As The Worm Turns, with Mrs. Helen B. Overshoes, whose husband thinks he's a horse.

15. Part 1
16. Part 2
17. Part 3
18. Part 4
19. Part 5

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