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Videos of Meetings

Our resident videographer Fred Berney has provided videos for a number of MWOTRC meetings. Please check this page for more updates. We will add more videos here as they becomes available.

Our speaker for the January 2018 meeting was Marvin Kalb, noted radio reporter, scholar and one of "Murrow's Boys":

Here is a video or our September 2017 meeting held at MANC - the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention. In addition to a quiz conducted by Jack French, we presented a recreation of Arch Obler's "Chicken Heart"

Here is a video of our October, 2017 meeting with guests Jill Bailey, Martin Grams and Karl Shadow:

Here is a video of our September 17, 2016 program at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention:

Fred has added video of the 2016 Summer Luncheon:

June 2013: The full video of our 30th anniversary party and luncheon meeting, with special guest Ed Walker.

December 2013: Our luncheon meeting.

October 2011: Guest speaker Ben Ohmart has written biographies of Paul Frees, Mel Blanc, Don Ameche, and many others. He runs BearManor Media which has nearly 400 titles in print.

September 2011: Our members wrote and performed scripts to conform to a pre-made, six-minute set of sound effects.

July 2011: Mark Bush presents Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Lone Ranger!

April 2011: This is an audio-only clip of our meeting about digital recording of OTR.

July 2009: Our guest was Virginia Vass, an actress from radio's golden age.

January 2009: How to transfer your audio tapes to CDs.

A video scrapbook, presented for MWOTRC's 25th Anniversary meeting.