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Members at the March 2007 MWOTRC meeting

Writer/photographer Mark Anderson has taken on the task of documenting some of our meeting activities. Here's an assortment of pictures from the March meeting of MWOTRC. Like most of our meetings, it was held at Trinity Episcopal Church in Arlington, at 7:30 PM on the second Friday evening of the month.

Edgar Farr Russell and Jack French.

Maury Cagle and Rebecca Jones.

Marsha and Mark Bush.

Sedgwick Moss and Alice Daniels.

Rob Henshaw and Pat Moran.

John Heimann and Debbie Swanson.

Tony Perros and Sedgwick Moss.

Marsha Bush and Ron Barnett.

Mark Bush and Azar Attura.

Mark Anderson, our reporter and photographer for this feature.