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The Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club was founded to collect and share old-time radio (OTR) audio tapes, records, books, scripts, magazines and related memorabilia.


We meet at 7:30 PM on the second Friday of every month, except June, September and December. Click here for details and a map.

Join Us!

We would love to have you as a member! Click here for a membership application and all the details.

Radio Recall

Radio Recall is our journal, available via email (PDF) or regular mail. Read sample articles here.

The August Meeting

The August meeting will be a presentation by Michael Hayde featuring a Friars Club roast of Jack Benny.

The MWOTRC in action at the Library of Congress Packard Theater in Culpepper, VA
on August 8,2015.

MWOTRC Slide show