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The following article appeared in TV Radio Mirror, October 1964.

They are the "Joy Boys" of radio... watch them running to and fro... Willard Scott and Ed Walker, otherwise known as the "Joy Boys," conduct their program every weekday evening on WRC in Washington DC. With skits and satire, they present the silly side of life to their listeners. Together, they have developed a full repertoire of characters -- "The Sod Buster," "The Yellow Ghost" and "Miss Janitor."

Not only do the "Boys" work together, they each have their own programs. Willard Scott assumes the title of "Mr. Music" on his mid-morning WRC show. He also does a children's program, "Bozo the Clown." Willard's favorite childhood game was "playing radio." It paid off.

Willard and Ed exiting from a van Scott's partner, Ed Walker, has proven himself so popular on WRC that they won't let him go home. It's almost impossible to believe that Ed is totally blind. In addition to his daily "Joy Boys" bout, he also hosts "Granddad's Record Shop" and "Time for Dreams." They leave him with little time to dream, but that's A.O.K. in his book. "Whenever I get a free fifteen minutes, I usually blow the whole quarter-hour trying to figure out where I got them from." (Click on the picture for a larger image.)

His most devoted fans are "my mother, my wife and my two kids." His other fans are always checking up on him. One day he met a doubting fan in one of his sponsors' restaurants. it was a good thing he did! "I came to see if you really ate in this place, like you say you do on the radio," said the suspicious fan.

Ed and wife Nancy have a home which resembles "a small, unpaid-for Rambler." Last Christmas, Ed bought Nancy an electric lawn mower. Nancy gave Ed a den, which she now uses herself, and they bought their youngest daughter, age two, a refrigerator. "Next year," exclaimed Ed grandly, "she gets a toaster."

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