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Memos From Management

picture of NBC memo This is the full text of an actual memo from WRC management, dated January 17, 1967. (Click the picture to see the original memo.) We removed the sender's name to eliminate any possible embarrassment, but notice the list of announcers at the bottom - it's quite a roster from the history of WRC.

NBC Interdepartment Correspondence

To: Those Listed Below

Last Thursday, January 12, the slipcover for the couch in Studio I was returned from the cleaners and replaced on the couch in the studio. As of this morning, the slipcover once again has shoe marks on the arms. This sofa is not to be used as a bed. If this practice does not stop immediately, I will have the sofa removed.

It has also been called to my attention that newspapers have been left in the various studios as well as trash on the floor, etc. Again, this practice cannot continue. When you complete a show I expect the studios to be left in an immaculate position.

Thank you for your cooperation.

To: Al Ross
Bob Kelly
Ed Walker
Stan Karas
Gene Archer
Lee Dayton
Maurie Higdon
Kennedy Ludlam
Mac McGarry
Ray Michael
Willard Scott
Holly Wright
Stu Finley

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