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Lawrence Laurent, Radio-TV Reporter

Radio-TV critic Lawrence Laurent wrote for the Washington Post and reported on the Joy Boys' careers. Here are some of his comments:

Lawrence Laurent WRC Radio's comic pair, Willard Scott and Ed Walker, are getting more time for their hilarious antics. Their program, "Two At One," is being expanded to a full hour starting on Monday (1 to 2 PM, Monday-Friday). Scott and Walker write their own comedy material. It ranges from a take-off on radio soap opera to on-the-spot coverage of mythical sports events... They work in "Bob and Ray" fashion, using sometimes wicked satire to get laughs. The surest indication that Willard and Ed are doing well can be seen any day of the week. Their tiny studio is jammed with off-duty announcers and engineers. (Washington Post and Times-Herald, August 20 1955.)

Comedy lovers can rejoice. WRC's quite mad Willard Scott returns from vacation next Wednesday. If there's a funnier, more original pair on radio, I've never heard them. Scott and his buddy, Ed Walker, deserve a place on the network. (Washington Post and Times-Herald, April 26 1959.)

Willard Scott and Ed Walker finally get heard on network radio. Two of their skits are scheduled on "It's Network Time," next Tuesday (NBC, WRC radio, 2:05 to 2:30 PM). Funniest pair in all of radio... (Washington Post, September 26 1959.)

Laurent also wrote this article from 1955 which describes how Willard Scott got started in radio even before working at WRC/NBC. It concludes there should be a bright future for this 20-year-old with seven years' experience. Wow!

(Thanks to Kaptain Kidshow for these items.)

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